As promised, albeit a little late, some pictures
from Graham's first trip to the Big Easy


Yesterday, Amy finished early,
so we took Graham to see the French Quarter.

First, we showed him Jackson Square


And a beautiful old church


And the artists along the streets of the Quarter


This pigeon kept us company while Amy ducked into a store for ice cream


Then we saw the museum


And an old restaurant


Then Amy and Graham posed outside the Farmer's Market


And we toured the inside of the Farmer's Market


We came back to our hotel along the Riverwalk



From the Interesting Architecture Department, we can see these
buildings across the street from our hotel -- on top of a 20-story hotel.
It looks like they were originally on ground level, and somebody didn't
want to tear them down just to build a highrise, so the put them
on top instead.

And from the Don't Leave Your Bike Here Department, this
sign on Chartres St.



And finally, a few favorites from the last few weeks...


and just now...



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