Jonathan* Graham Waggener

born at 4:09 a.m. CDT, on 8/12/2001 in Owensboro, KY
weight: 7 lbs. 13 oz., Length 19.5 inches


Pregnant Amy   At about 7:00 p.m. Saturday, Amy started having fairly regular contractions. However, they didn't seem strong enough or painful enough to be the "real thing," so we took walks around the neighborhood and Amy worked on the relaxation and sitting techniques from class.


At around 10:30, Amy called the hospital to ask about her contractions. They said she didn't sound like she was in real labor yet. They advised Amy to lie down and try to sleep, and to come in if the contractions got worse, or if her water broke. As soon as Amy laid down, her water broke. We loaded the cars and headed for the hospital.  


sleepy.jpg   We did run a few lights on the way, but only after stopping to make sure nothing was coming the other way. Amy had registered weeks earlier, so we were admitted right away, and got to the Maternity Ward at Owensboro Mercy Hospital at around 12:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 12, 2001. For the next 4 hours, Amy worked vey hard (no epidural!), and Pen took a few hits to the head, cushioned slightly by the promotional Seroquel "Stress Squeezie" that Amy clutched in her fist.


Luckily, Amy's parents have been in town helping this week-- they followed us to the hospital, and took an appropriate number of pictures for proud Grandparents. Check out Ken's great photo gallery.  
grandmaternals.jpg   We called Pen's parents on the way to the hospital, and they raced from Columbia to Owensboro, arriving just in time to greet their new grandson, and to supervise Graham's first checkup (film to follow, as bandwidth allows).


Amy spent 2 days recuperating, and everyone took turns smuggling hashbrowns up to the 5th floor of OMH. Several folks sent flowers, but we felt a little guilty about one particular batch. Amy test-drove a minivan last Friday, because she might get one as a company car next, and this vase came from the car salesman--whoops!  


Amy and Graham in the Swing   It turns out that Graham broke his collarbone during delivery, but Dr. Martin said that it's not unusual, and that it will heal on it's own in a few weeks. Graham and Amy got to come home on Tuesday, and both are glad to get back to Freeman Ave.


For the first few weeks, Graham's staying in a cradle built by his Great-Grandfather Smith. After that, he'll be heading upstairs to the crib at right. Kay and Nickie helped Amy get the nursery ready a few weeks ago, and we've already stocked up (again) on diapers.  



Graham Grins  

Graham's been sleeping his days away, and making sure we don't sleep too much at night. We're terrifically happy he's here, and we'll post more pictures as time allows. In the meantime, thanks again for all that everyone did to help us prepare for his arrival. You're welcome to come see him any time, or drop us an email to tell us how handsome he is.


Great Grandmothers Know Their Stuff

This weekend, Graham got his first visit with his Great-Grandmother Marcum. Graham seemed to appreciate the visit, and was quiet and content longer with her than with any one else who's held him. We took notes. And a nap.




And in case you wondered where all these pictures have been coming from...



Thanks to Ken for taking many the best pictures on this page.


*A Note About the Spelling of Jonathan
There was some confusion right after delivery about the spelling of Graham's first name. It's Jonathan, although I think the hospital website has it spelled differently, and it's possible that we'll have to do some paperwork to straighten it all out. In hindsight, we probably should have figured it out well in advance, and written it out ahead of time...