Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The 15 month checkup went well. Nicely average growth, height, weight, etc, and Dr. Martin was properly impressed with Graham's advancing vocabulary.

Height: 30.75 inches; Weight: 24.75 pounds.

Recent words: Fish, bells, beets, Cheerios, squirrel, washrag, phone, please, go, ouch, boo, leaf, snowman, no, thank you, choo-choo, shoes, bear, Blues Clues, sock, calculator, mow, hello, hi, keys, light, tomato, potato, applesauce, bath, doggie, bite, eat, beet, bean, bread, bib, Pooh, Elmo, uh-oh, biscuit, boat, and one, two, and three (not counting, just saying the words)

Teeth: Molars are in on top, and the bottom two are in the works.

Milestones: Walking backwards, backing up to sit, swinging arms while walking. Also, imaginative play: for several days, every cracker, bean, or piece of bread was a choo-choo that he drove around his high-chair before eating.


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