Graham's first trip to the beach - 06/27/2002

The trip so far:
Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama
Dates: June 22-29, 2002

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Most Sand Eaten:
Graham, who seems to genuinely enjoy it

Most Seaweed Inspected:
Also, Graham

Newest Graham Trick:
Walking while holding just 1 hand

Most Hours Online:
Amy(!), for class, but still...

Most Hours on the Beach:
Also Amy

Best Names of People Also Staying at this Condo:
Hoss and Jimbo. Better still, they're related.


Graham with Grandma Kay

Graham with Grandpa Ken

Sports Recap

We hit the locally famous Lost Cove course on a very sunny Thursday afternoon for a round of golf, where Pen shot a 1-over-par 45 and Amy shot a 5-over-par 49, largely due to problems in the Volcano, and later the Waterfall.

With a single game, Pen now holds the high score on the aging PacMan game at Alvin's Adventure Island, a sad testament to many wasted hours from 1982-87. And, come to think of it, 15 wasted minutes in 2002.

After much complaining about the equipment and the officiating, Amy edged out a 2-point victory, 27-25. Then we ran out of quarters.


Graham made friends in the local pool...

Many naps have been required...

Graham enjoyed crayons at one of the local restaurants

Slightly murky photography, but Graham was fascinated by the fishtank

Best Restaurant Experience:
Gulf Shores Bakery & Bistro. Decor and service to meet Frankfort Ave. standards. The menu features a nifty Havarti Dill Sandwich, an open-faced Crawfish Etoufee sandwich, brie macaroni, and German potato salad, plus a wide assortment of fancy dessert items.

Worst Restaurant Experience:
Coconut Willie's, now known as Bad Oyster Willie's.

Most Interesting Restaurant Experience:
Doc's Seafood Shack, good enough to be a regular spot for the local Dept. of Sanitation crew and other locals. Claims of "Best Gumbo" were slightly optimistic, but the $6 plate of onion rings was worth every penny. Nicest touch -- a huge container of horseradish on every table, with which to mix your own cocktail sauce.

Security cameras clearly show a certain youngster operating the elevators.


and the Coupe de Gracie,
an extended dissertation on the value of Cheerios: