Graham Photos from Recent Weekends,
in some chronological disorder,
plus Linda's Graduation Party...

After graduation, L-R, Linda Waggener, Jane White (Linda's sister),
Geniece Marcum (Linda's Mom),Amy, then Will White in the center.
On the right, Will White makes his entrance to Linda's graduation party.
Others in attendance included: Graham & Amy & Pen, Ed, Ken & Kay,
Grand-Mema, Jane White, Bob & Andi Chelf, and Annette Richards,
plus Pen & Amy's friend Chuck from Lexington.


At left: Bob Chelf, Annette Richards, and Ed
At right: Ed, Graham, Linda, Bob Chelf and Andi Chelf.

Linda's cake, then a picture of a very grumpy young man...

And from the previous weekend, a few pix from Aunt Lori & Uncle John's visit...

At left, a very sleepy boy, caught on film thanks to Miss Sharon.
t right, a Smith family portrait.
Below: a random selection of shots...


And, if you have quicktime, you can hear a quick message from Graham...