Graham tried his first cracker this weekend, and then later his first rice cake.
The photos are a little fuzzy, but we think you can tell how much he enjoyed them.

However, the only way to truly experience this is with quicktime:

First movie (early cracker, 1.8 MB)
Second movie (late cracker, 0.9MB)


Moments of cracker enjoyment

And more moments of cracker enjoyment

Graham had a great time this weekend with Aunt John and Uncle Lori.
He liked their Tigger toy, but he really, really liked their phone.

Here's Graham in his Easter outfit (left), and then with Uncle Cousin Nick (right)

The rice cake started out bigger than he is, but quickly met its match.

Here's the end of the rice cake, and then another attempt to photograph the Easter outfit,
this time at high speed.